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National Service Scheme Camp 2019-20

Tandulwadi, Saphale, Maharashtra.

Sarpanch Visit To The Camp

The first day of NSS special camp started on 15th December 2019 where everyone was told to report at saphale station by 9.00 A.M and then further we started our journey to tandulwadi village and reached there by 10.30 A.M . The sarpanch of the village welcomed us, after everyone settled we interacted with sarpanch and he told us about various problem faced by the village. Then at the end everyone gathered and discussed for a solution for the problems faced by villagers, we also discussed and planned for the next day activity which was sports day and made groups of people and divided all the responsibilities for the sports day activity among the groups.

Drawing and Sports Competition

On the second day all the volunteers headed towards the school with enthusiasm and excitement for the sports day activity. We first met the principle of the school and discussed how we were going to conduct the activities. Then everyone interacted with the children of the school and they were full of energy and were eagerly waiting for us to start the activity. There were various activities conducted simultaneously and we saw to it that everyone would get a chance to participate in all activities. We conducted activities such as hopping, running, sakli, football,ect. For the nursery kids we kept a drawing competition in which all the material was provided by us. Then at the end we distributed prizes to all the winners. At the end of the day all volunteers gathered and discussed about school wall painting which is our main project starting tomorrow.

School Wall Painting

The third day was a important day as we were starting our main project which is the school wall painting. First sanding of the walls was done where all the volunteers were given sand papers and sanding of the walls to be painted was done. Then after sanding we had to apply base paint on the walls and fill holes on the walls with cement; hence, all the walls to be painted and the holes to be cemented were divided among all the volunteers and everyone showed a great team spirit leading to completion of the painting and cementing. Now we had to wait for the next day for the paint to dry so that we could draw cartoons and paint them making the walls fun and something the children would love.

School Mentoring

On the fourth day we donated two computers to the school and also had to complete the remaining drawings on the wall. Some volunteers helped the children set up the computer and taught them all the basics of operating the computer, they also taught them paint and all the parts of the computer, while the other volunteers were drawing cartoons on the wall and painting them. Our project of school wall painting was completed by the end of the day.


On the sixth day of NSS Camp we were all set to go for trekking to explore the nature. We went for trekking on Tandulwadi fort which is a famous trekking spot, where many people come from different places to explore the beauty that lies in Tandulwadi. We started our trekking in the morning by 6:00 A.M and came back in the afternoon by 3:00 P.M. Everyone was super excited as trekking was everyone’s favourite adventure sport. The fort was build 800 years ago and it was primarily used as a watch tower over surroundings plain. The village Tandulwadi was beautiful but we came to know about its real beauty when we saw it from the fort its was marvellous.

Women Awareness and Village Survey

On the 7th day the final day of the camp, we called doctors from the Chaitanya foundation who educated young girls about menstrual hygiene and puberty. After the awareness seminar was over with the help of school students we planted some sampling so that they should have value of plants and learn to protect our ecosystem. The students took active part in planting the sampling and promised to take good care of them until they are all well grown.